About Us

Who We Are

GGWRC was founded by Turkish American Muslims living in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey area. To provide a center for regularly stated religious worship for the followers of Islam and those seeking to understand the foundations of Islam; to allow Muslim individuals or other individuals of diverse denominations to worship through adoration, prayer, and meditation; to provide for the spiritual advancement of individuals, without regard to their race, creed, or condition of life, in an atmosphere designed for their leisure of prayer and reflection; to provide Masjid (a mosque or prayer house) wherein study, prayer, and education are conducted by those learned in Islam through activities providing for group and individual prayer, lectures, reading, and meditation.

Our Mission

GGWRC envisions an America whose people are honored by the presence of Muslims, and are aware of the values shared between Islam and those upon which America was founded. We envision an America whose institutions recognize and value the contributions that Islam and Muslims can make to its society.

Our Vision

GGWRC looks to a future where the Muslims of America live Islam with a depth that nourishes their spirits, a diversity that is a cause for celebration, a delight that sustains the quest for increased knowledge, and with such understanding, compassion, and empathy that Islam in America is an integral part of our common ground.

GGWRC is dedicated to the betterment of our society, and strives to achieve its purpose through education in the broadest sense, through cooperation and networking, and through programs which benefit both Muslim and non-Muslim people of North America.

Under the lens of this vision, the merits of believers attain a new depth and extend to infinity; mistakes and faults shrink into insignificance. Actually the treatment of He Who is beyond time and space always passes through the prism of tolerance, and we wait for it to embrace us and all of creation.